Sunday afternoons

I finished some squares for my One Small Thing project and I am still deciding if I like them. I have definitely been in the mood to make granny squares to I feel a little creative as far as the piecing and colors go.

Usually, Sunday afternoons are suppossed to be leisurely, restful types of days where everyone plays quietly, reads books and doesn't scream at each other. I guess only in my dreams. Today was productive in that I took down Paige's bunkbed, and put up her new white headboard and footboard. I am planning on painting her room avery pale periwinkle blue. I think it will look nice with all the white furniture.

I reviewed my partners for the Marker Mania. All I can say is WOW! I looked at everyone's blogs and they are so amazing! I greatly admire their talents. I hope my markers will suffice.... I don't want to say who I have in case it is supposed to be a secret!


Lulu said...

love those colors..They are happy colors..

dragon knitter said...

no, dear, YOU are amazing! my markers are so cool! and i love the little charms with the perfect knitting words. now i've got something to live up to when i make my markers! (i, too, love to shop sans kidlings (well, mine aren't so -ling anymore, lol), so i may go saturday after i take my mom to the store (i'm gonna see if my sweetie will keep the boys while we go). thank you very very much!