Nature centers are fun

Since I have been playing with the kids so much this summer I have had little time to work on projects. I did start assembling squares for my One Small Thing blanket. (Progress report tomorrow) .

I got some really nice comments from my Marker Mania buddies! Emily, Renee, Minnie, and Erin. So glad they liked them and that everything arrived safely!

My mom had never been to our local Nature Center so we took a little field trip. We needed to let the lizard go even though he was very helpful in ridding our house of flies.

It was a beautiful day!

I got the kidlings to stand still for a minute. Mike's good buddy Grant (far left) was with us.

We took a rest by this pond to have a snack.

A VERY BRAVE squirrel decided to join us and eat our cookies that fell on the ground. It was quite funny to see all of us standing on the benches afraid of the squirrel.

All in all a good day....


Karla said...

You have a beautiful family! Loved to imagine you all standing on a bench "afraid of a squirrel" that was eating the cookies you dropped on the ground! :)

Karla said...

Hi again, StephKnits

I loved your "Blinkies" in your sidebar. Did you create the top one "Blinkies" or do you know who did? I'd love to credit them on my blog. It's so cute!

Loved reading your blog - keep posting!

Stephknits3 said...

Thanks for the kind words, Karla! I updated my blog with a credits list so hopefiully you can find the blinkies and racks you are interested in.