Baby present

I finished a present for my cousin's baby boy that was born a few months back. Sweater is made from Caron Simply Soft. I handstamped the doggy prints on the bodysuit. Hope she likes it!

Paige and I are battling the nastiest of head colds. This time of year always sneaks up on me and reminds me that we are vulnerable to germs... no matter how much we wash our hands. UGH!!


Knit in the City

What a fun day yesterday!! My mom drove us to Pasadena for the Knit for the Cure event. We volunteered to help out at the Stitches from the Heart booth. It was near Old Pasadena which had some amazing antique architecture.
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The city park where the festival happened also had a small amphitheatre where there was live music and a fashion show.

Best part, I got to meet some of my favorite blog authors and yarn people,

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Wendy from Knit and Tonic

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Regina from Monster Crochet

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And the talented Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns

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Here's me and Vickie Howell of the DIY TV show Knitty Gritty.

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Sandra Carter, fiber artist, was there making a cool HUGE pink scarf for the competition. She is knitting with homemade PVP pipe knitting needles!

Here's my scarf being judged (I did not win, but the scarves will be sold for the Susan G. Komen Foundation) The winner (Jan from the Yarn Lady) made this gorgeous rose colored felted spiral scarf with felted flowers that were handbeaded. You can also see my mom's scarf in this picture. It's the white scarf with large pink flowers on it.


Friday fun

Before I head out today, I wanted to share pics.

Scarf I made for today's Knit for the Cure in Pasadena. They are collecting the scarves and selling them to raise money for breast cancer research. There will also be a friendly scarf competition.

Scarf made from three different yarns (one fuzzy soft fleece type, one ribbon yarn and one worsted weight. Very simple garter stitch with single row stripes. The best part of this pattern is that when you finish one row, the next color is on the right side for you to pick up and keep knitting. The yarn will run along the side easily, just try not to get it twisted up.

Just for fun...

Paige and Maddie in a tunnel. What would we do without playgrounds????

FYI - My stitches (from my surgery, not knitting) finally came out this week and I am feeling oh so better!! Almost 100 %



One of the most interesting parts of the internet is the ability to encourage the penpal in all of us. Here is my latest card from Jenny in Finland:

Thank you Jenny! Yeah Postcrossing!


Square One

First freeform crochet and knit 7 inch square for a swap with my bud, Mara at AllArtTrade.


Some knitting??

Can you believe it? A knitting blog with some knitting on it!

I am feeling a lot better as of yesterday. In addition to all my medications/painkillers, my mom suggested adding iron to help my dizziness thinking that maybe I was anemic. It took 2 days but has made a heck of a difference. I think the previous 2 weeks might have been the longest of my life. My youngest is definitely so out of sorts that it is going to take me weeks to get her back with the program (Using the potty, having some manners, not giving everyone evil looks and shrieks, etc). At least she's young enough that hopefully she won't remember any of this..

I started a sweater for Paige now that the weather is cooling off the tiniest bit. It is a light weight baby yarn I have had in my stash for at least (uuum I'm embarassed to say) 6 years...

Crocheting requires me to lift my arms too much and since the doc said that was a no-no, that's out for a while. Knitting can be done with the smallest amount of arm/shoulder/chest movement. Feeling very grateful that I can do both..