Sarah's school sweater

sbluecarcoat 004
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I finished her sweater for school a few weeks ago but I have been so consumed by finals this week that I didn't get around to taking a picture. Click on photo for pattern and yarn info.


Beach Old Boys

A teammate of John's made a website for his men's soccer team.

Check them out at Beach Old Boys.


Halloween is in the air.....

We carved some pumpkins. I guess you could say this is my current creative endeavor.
John is such a good sport... He got into the spirit for the elementary school Halloween carnival. He's a "Red Devil" for Manchester United..

oct2707 001
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We were invited to join some friends at a special night of trick or treating at the Disney park, California Adventure. Surprise, surprise, we had Ariel, the Little Mermaid in our midst. The girls had a blast!


Girl power

This is right before Paige scored her first goal! She's at the top of this pic. I like how she's "floating" in the air...


More projects

I made this banner for Paige's soccer team. Next time I think I will order the funky airbrush kind...

My first Art assignment of the semester. Contour line drawing of a still life with at least three objects. Not a very good photo, but I think you get the idea (I hope) Tell me if you can identify what I drew :) Click on photo for a larger view.


bright domino 003

bright domino 003
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Finished a domino knitting blanket (also known as mitered square knitting) for Stitches from the Heart. The colors are brighter than what the camera captured and should make some little one fell happr and cheerful. Edged with garter stitch and trimmed with reverse single crochet. Click on photo for Yarn details in description.


Favorites on Flickr

I have been seeing so many beautiful photos on Flickr recently. Mosaic created from bighugelabs website. Just click on the title to get more information. I think I may have to do this on a regular basis...

1. Poppy Quilt Fini, 2. Gel Pens 1, 3. Map Quest, 4. Revealing Decision, 5. Spiral 2, 6. Flow, 7. FAF page, 8. felt bead necklaces, 9. LED Light Painting, 10. Negro Gato, 11. Croissant beads, 12. hearts, 13. My guitar, 14. Bokeh with the Blues, 15. Untitled, 16. My creation



I finally feel like I can come up for air. I finished my Anatomy class (and earned an "A" to boot) but it has taken a bit of a toll on me. I have tried to focus on the kids and getting them to various summertime pursuits. Mike just finished his month long surfing lessons. Before that he had just finished with baseball. Everything and time just seems to meld into one another.

Sarah went to a week-long overnight camp and wasn't even homesick. I know that's a good thing but I sure missed her...She even won 2nd place in the archery contest for her cabin. She is now the proud owner of a silver arrow missing some of its feathers.

Paige is swimming like a little fish (or a mermaid if you ask her). She also lost her first tooth. Her teeth are pretty crooked so she has a hole right in the middle of her mouth. Unfortunately, she was so freaked out about losing it that she wouldn't let us touch her or her little tooth hanging on by a thread of her gum. She swallowed it during the night and had to write a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened. Luckily, the Tooth Fairy is an understanding gal and promptly paid the going rate for a first tooth lost: $1

Tiger likes to hang out on the roof. Ever since Mike "rescued" him, the cat has learned to protect us from all types of things, mostly flies and bugs. A few weeks ago, he presented me with not one, but two dead baby birds on my front porch. Very proud of himself I might add. The girls were quite torn up about it. I guess that means the end to our bird feeder outside Paige's window. I feel pretty guilty. Kind of like I invited the birds in to their doom...

Some recent finished projects:

2 baby blankets: one for Stitches, one for a friend

Easy Breezy blanket made in an worsted weight yarn in an older colorway by Caron

Diagonal Baby blanket made using Bernat Baby Coordinates. Pattern found free on their website..


I'm hanging in there

Just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know, I'm still around, just not knitting very much. I just completed week 4 of my 6 week Human Anatomy class so my brain has turned a bit mushy with memorizing all the bones and muscles. I plan on posting some summery pictures soon.


Art Final

art9final 002a
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Here is the picture I tried to take of my Art Final. We had to make a collage incorporating every element of art that we learned over the semester. Examples are: line, positive/negative space, geometric, pattern, value, texture, organic shapes, etc.


The reason I celebrate Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

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I'm a bit speechless actually (rare for me, I know) My husband and kidlings gave me a new Canon EOS Rebel XTi for Mother's Day!

This rose is in my backyard. Hope all the mother's in my life have awonderful day!


More artwork

April just FLEW by! My schoolwork has taken up an incredible amount of my time this month so sorry for the delays in postings. Latest art project:

Assignment: Make a tile on paper

Next make copies, cut out and assemble. Finished product

I've done some knitting but that will have to be shown later...



More projects from my Intro to Art class. These were especially fun to do.


More color fun

babette 001
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I can't believe how far I have been able to stretch one "trash bag" full of scrap yarn. I knew there was a lot of it, but it just keeps going. :) This afghan still needs an edging put on it but Paige has laid claim to this one since Sarah got the Kaleidescope Afghan. I'd be surprised if Mike wants anything so colorful, but at this point who knows!! Click on photo for pattern and yarn info.



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I have been using up the remaining scrap yarn from the Kaleidoscope afghan to make this quirky blanket. Inspired by a "Ripple=Along" crochet group. Click on picture for link to the pattern used.. My little kitty, Tiger, really wants this blanket for himself so I may have to make another one. :)



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I finished this blanket this weekend. It was a WIP from a long time ago. Used various worsted weight acrylic yarn and H hook so it came out softer than expected. Will donate to Stitches from the Heart.


Art projects

Recent projects showing static vs movement. I think they will look better as color copies.


Sarah's hearts

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Sarah and I made these for her class valentines. We got the idea from Family Fun magazine. You just melt little crayon bits in a heart shaped muffin pan in the oven at 250 for ten minutes. After they set up, you remove them and voila, a little colorful surprise. Crayola crayons worked the best.



Believe it or not, I have been doing some crochet. This blanket was made with lots of scraps. I put all the scraps in a black bag and when I added a new round, I would just pull a new color out of the bag. Whatever color it was, I had to use it. The pattern is Kaleidoscope Afghan from "Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs: 40 Prize Winning Designs." I will probably not be entering into any fairs but I feel like I do deserve a ribbon just for weaving in all these ends. My daughter, Sarah is the proud owner of this afghan.

(Click on the picture if you would like to see the blanket up close.)


Over the weekend, we visited the LA County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It was very cool. There were peacocks, ducks and Canadian geese all over the place. It was wierd to visit this several hundred acre park in the middle of a city. Lots of different plants from around the world. It has a national historic place on it called the Queen Anne Cottage. Paige did not like the peacocks. Everytime one came near her she ran off in the opposite direction. Although beautiful, peacocks are a little creepy looking up close. We are planning to go back in the springtime when most of the trees will not look dead and maybe see some goslings running around.

Here's some more pics from our fun day.


Advanced Cut and Paste

I made this in Art class today. It was actually harder to make than it looks. I had to cut out each rectangle and align them visually by at least one side. The right angles have to be perfect. Exacto knifes are kind of fun to play around with. Too bad I'm going to go through like a thousand blades this semester.


quick bag

quick bag
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A fast project to finish before the big time studying begins... Made from Reynold Lopi and Noro Big Kureyon. Felted in my washing machine. I do not recommend putting your item to be felted inside a flannel pillow case. Next time I will use a regular pillowcase and hopefully less "flannel fuzz" will stick to my item.


Gifts given

Now that most gifts have been given I want to show some of the handmade items I made for the holidays.

a) b) c) d)

a) Scarf for my lab partner, Jayne in Lion Brand Homespun and some other yummy yarn that I forgot the name of.
b) Neck-down sweater for Allyson made from Bernat Soft Boucle in Misty Taupes.
c) Neck Down Dueling Cables V-neck sweater for Emily in Caron Simply Soft in Berry mint. This photo is more true to the real color.
d) detail of cable on Emily's sweater.

School for the kidlings starts tomorrow and the Spring semester for me starts Jan. 16. I feel like I must savor this week of post-holiday, pre-semester peace and calm.



I guess it's a case of new year's change. Experimenting with a new look for my blog...