It's frickin' hot!!!!

I have been trying much harder to cut down on the cursing. Can't you tell? Frickin' is my replacement for the F word because I cannot bring myself to say "fudge" or "fudgin'". Just doesn't have the same impact I want! I know it's a terrible habit especially for a mother of three but come on now, my dad was a Navy Seal and he cursed even when he was happy! I know more curse words than my hubby, I think..... (not that I am proud of that)

Anyway, we (with my best buddy, Tamara, and her kidlings) escaped to Seal Beach today. It was lovely, wind was blowing quite a bit but that kept us from sweating!

Sarah and Emilee

Maddie and Paige (they are only one week apart in age) . Maddie knows there is nothing better than eating watermelon at the beach!

Are these glasses funny or what?

Wanted to also post an update on my One Small Thing project:

This is taking me longer than expected because it is so FRICKIN' hot!!!


Lulu said...

i know, its been frickin hot here also...i cant stand it..
the kids are adorable..
your squares are really pretty and coming along...Remember there are no time limits...:-)
have a great weekend..

rodentia said...

Hehehe...my dad was a miner...I have much the same problem containing my mouth at times.


I like to use friggin’ or f-ing, though I usually just end up saying the real word. Yes, it has been terribly hot. I keep hoping for a reprieve. My family that came to visit last weekend from the High Desert & Fontana thought I was crazy for complaining. They loved it.
I can't seem to get anything done. I start a project, inside, outside, crochet or housework and before I know it I am exhausted. The beach sounds great. I need to get myself down there. Your squares are so nice and I really like the photos of the girls and their fun fur flip flops. LOVE the shades!