Purple Hat

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This month's color for Project Spectrum is purple (my favorite color). I made this hat knitted in the round using two different variegated yarns by Red Heart. The colorways are Monet and Artist Print. By switching the yarn every other stitch, I like how the end result looks like hand painted yarn.


Check out my mom! (Peggy)

Stitches meeting at the Yarn Lady

News flash: Boy returns from adventure

Snow Mike
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Mike was been gone too long I think... It was just wierd not having him in the house. I know he had a great time at his grandfather's house and being home will be much less exciting (i.e no ponds to fish, no mountains to climb, no bb guns to shoot, no camp fire pits to ignite) but he belongs with us. It's now official, he is not allowed to grow up... at least in the mind of his mother.


An inconvenient truth

Okay, I am not normally known by my friends and family as a "tree hugger". My professor offered extra credit if we went and saw "An Inconvenient Truth" and wrote and essay on it. I was putting it off because I thought the movie would be boring. I have to say after seeing this movie, I have a lot of respect for Al Gore and what he is trying to do. Even if you think Global Warming is not an issue worth taking seriously, you should see this film. Please take the pledge by clicking the box on the sidebar of this site. Even if you wait for it to come out on rental, make a point to see this movie. By the way, it was not boring....


Life's a beach...

Remember when that saying was everywhere? Sometime back in the '80's. Ugh.. dating mayself.. Anyway, instead of studying my enthralling Sociology homework, we went to the local beach. It's such a perfect way to kill 3 to 4 hours. And nobody drowned or got stung by jellyfish. Yeah! Maybe those thoughts are part of my deviant side... (just a little sociology joke..)