freeform 81606

freeform 81606
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A close-up of the free form p[iece I made for a crochet group with my mom. The color on this picture is not quite right. Imagine all the reds are a bit more "purpleish". Also, I must be the laziest fiber person around. I took my scrumbles and machine stitched them to a piece of denim to make this design. Then I machine stitched that piece of denim to a tote bag (like an applique). I left the frayed edges of the denim showing because I thought it looked interesting.

World Famous San Diego Zoo

This was our big family event for the summer. One of my favorite places yet it always seems to wreck our calves. :) Lots of hills. Of course I took about a million pictures so here a few of my favorites:

After the zoo, we stopped in Old Town and ate at Rancho La Lena. So yummy!


Summer adventures

We have been trying to catch up on some fun summer activities before the Fall session of school starts.

Disney lunch with princesses (pictured here Paige with Cinderella)

Stitch N Pitch LA This was a last minute fun thing to do! 700+ knitters, crocheters, and needleworkers all gathered to do their thing while we watched a Dodger game. Here is the hat I made "on the fly". We also got a goodie bag which included a tote bag. size 17 bamboo needles, two skeins of Crystal Palace "Splash" yarn and patterns and coupons.

Museum of Latin American Art This place was wonderful! Of course, we only got to stay for about 5 minutes (what was I thinking taking a fiesty three year old?) but I will have to go back. They had these cool finger puppets in the gift shop. Not the best picture but can you find Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants?

These beautiful tiles were outside the Ladies room at the Museum Cafe

More adventures to come!


Finished objects July 2006

Here's some more things I have finished...

5 hour baby sweater

Made with Red Heart Kids in Periwinkle. Info and pattern can be found here.

Baby socks

Made with Jamie baby yarn. Pattern in Rainbow Knits for Kids by Cheryl Potter.