One Small Thing

Well, I was looking for inspiration and I got it today reading Ro's idea called One Small Thing . I decided I am craving to work with some fabulous bright and cheery colors, so I decided to make a cheery blanket for a child in a hospital. I am very blessed that my children are healthy and they love their "blankies" so why not make some more. I know many more generous crafters will sign up as well. Ro put it so well in her description of crafting for charity.

My kidlings will not stop bickering (this is really the first summer of this) and it is driving me CRAZY!! Sometimes I think my hormones are raging and I keep getting these mild headaches. Everytime I talk to someone it the same answer, "Well, you ARE a mother of three!" I guess I was asleep the day they said that more than 2 children means you will be a mess. Maybe it has something to do with the odd number, I don't know. Maybe it's their ages (10, 7, and 2) that makes them incapable of leaving each other alone. It's the classic "Mooooooooom(trying to emphasis the whine) , she's touching me!!!!!" I think I'm going to invent some Mommy earplugs.


Lulu said...

dont you just love Ro's idea???? i cant wait to get started after i finish my curent blankie for Pine Ridge..
take care

Kari said...

I'm all for Mommy Earplugs!

I'm a flybaby too!