I've been marked!

I am so excited! I received my first set of markers today from the Marker Mania swap.

These beauties came from Cathi in Colorado. It does feel likes it's my birthday or something... She sent these creative fruit markers as well as a snowflake and London charm. How did she know London is someplace I have always wanted to visit? I think that will be the first one I use as my little tribute to the victims of the bombings.

Now what shall I knit? Decision, decisions ......

Thank you so much Cathi! I love them! Thank you also for the extra goodies like the green notion bag and perfect pink box ( I know the picture makes it look red but it really is the most beautiful shade of magenta). I love these from The Container Store. You really brightened my day!


rodentia said...

Oh I love those tutti fruitti markers!!

Karla said...

Those stitch markers are soooo cute!!