Gifts that are not appropriate

With a title like that, I should be writing about something more racy than knitting. Paige will be going to a co-op type preschool next Fall so I wanted to celebrate her last day at her current school. I really wanted to make something for her preschool teacher who is also a friend. I had the softest prettiest pink yarn. So I made her a scarf. Even though it's 90 degrees. And it will probably be 90 degrees until next October. I'm sure she's thinks I'm abolutely crazy. Maybe I am. I hope next year when it gets cold for a week, she will wear it and think of us.

More sewing fun.... Note: The inclusion of a certain little girl's favorite Disney mermaid :)


Adventures in sewing

Okay that's not sewing, but I had to take picture. Camera update: All fixed and FREE! Yes, that's right free. Somehow the damage was covered by a warranty. I think I'm still in shock over that one....

Life is hectic. Sometimes I don't know how I will get everything sone because there are just not enough hours in the day. I mean, there are enough hours if the only thing I wanted to do was clean. I wish I was better at cleaning. I don't like to do it. I would much rather be sewing, KNITTING, crocheting, gardening, playing and heaven forbid trying to bake something before I would want to clean anything.

I decided my economic contribution to the household would be to utilize my "talents" into helping save money for our family. Why buy clothes when I could make them? No sweater is ever purchased in the this household (or at least so I tell everyone) Shoes will still have to be opurchased becasue I am not a cobbler, but flip-flops will do for summer.

My mom even jumped in to help me with my madness. We did "assembly line" sewing. One pattern for each of the girls would equal many summery outfits. (i.e. tank tops and shorts)
Here's some stuff I made:

Now I know why we purchase our clothes.

Our first strawberry from the kid garden. Going to Project Spectrum.

Stray dog that I found wandering my neighborhood and is now at the local shelter. Long story but basically, she did not like Dakota so she could not stay with us more than a day. Very nice dog and I put flyers up around our neighborhood. I hope her owner went and got her...... Otherwise, someone please go and adopt this sweet dog.



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I have received some wonderful cards recently but I think this might be one of my favorites! Check out postcrossing.com