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Day 41/366

Spring Break is over. The kids have gone back to school. Now the work really begins.


Art field trip: Palos Verdes

Journeyed to the Wearable Art exhibition at the Palos Verdes Art Center. Amazing work! There were no photos allowed inside but the exhibit was stunning! So I took a picture of the brochure.

Day 38/366



Day 33/366

The Easter Bunny brought more than jelly beans and chocolate eggs this year....


I (heart) granny squares

Day 30/366

A work in progress... Something to distract me when my mind needs a break from studying...

Tonight I have an Exam on the Nervous System. The ENTIRE Nervous system. How do nerves fire messages to each other? What does your hypothalamus do? What is the chemical structure of dopamine/norepinephrine/epinephrine and what diseases are associated with them? Does your parasympathic nervous system release digestive enzymes when stimulated? Define flacid paralysis. What nerve plexus does your pudendal nerve run through and what does it control? How does your brain register pain?

Let me tell you, my brain registers pain.. lots of it...


Happy St Patty's Day!

Day 27/366

Pattern can be found here.


Yarn Store field trip - Liscat

liscat1 (2)

I have been awaiting the arrival of the newest yarn store in my area, Liscat over in Lakewood Village shopping area. Catrina is the owner and she is very nice and down to earth. Her new space is amazing! So colorful and energizing! It was kind of torture to only be able to visit for 30 minutes. I can't wait to see what classes and meet-ups will happen there. I think my resolution to not buy any yarn this year is going to crumble... Here's some more pics in case you want to venture in.

liscat1 (3)

Day 24/366



Cleaning Day

Sunday is catch-up day for our family. Sarah has to clean the guinea pig hutch every week. Snowball enjoys the escape time.

Day 19/366


Spring - my favorite season

Day 13/366

I really love Spring!


Day 12/366

Trying to keep you resolutions is hard! Another finished baby blanket that seems to glow in the dark using Caron Simply Soft Brites. My hubby says its "whimsical". I think that's code for "Some baby is going to need sunglasses to look at this."

Day 12/366


Cross My Heart

Finished another square for the 12 in crochet along on Ravelry.
Pattern is Cross My Heart

Day 11/366