Drop Stitch

At first, I did not enjoy this one, but once I got the hang of the drop stitches, I was able to enjoy the color changes. I think it will look better after it is blocked.


Entrelac Love

There is something to be said about the simple enjoyment of knitting entrelac. I especially love it when the yarn is variegated or hand dyed. It is so simple to knit but has a finished look that is complicated and puzzling. I get more comments and compliments on entrelac than on any other projects. Simple things are good.


Graduation means a return to simpler living

I finished Nursing School! This major accomplishment has filled me with great pride and joy. I am excited for what the future holds in the form of a nursing career. Plus I have the joy in knowing that my graduation was a group family effort.

Now back to some knitting....

A gift for my preceptor instructor.