I received this wonderful card today from Vivian in Norway! Check out Postcrossing.com


My heart goes out to all those affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Farm life

We drove down to San Juan Capistrano today to visit a mini-farm/petting zoo. Lots of hay covered fun...

This is what I would do if I won the lottery.. Raise alpacas...

and fluffy bunnies....

and horses....

and drive trains!

Everyone could come visit Steph's Farm!



WOW! What an exciting weekend! I spent most of Saturday with the talented Mara Thomas at the Fabulous Fiber Fest in Santa Monica. She taught the Freeform Crochet class last year that my mom and I had so much fun at. This year she concentrated on Artist Trading Cards, altered books and collage art among other things. We talked and compared notes about our "spirited" little ones. I bought some wonderful buttons and fibers (hand-dyed bits of lace and yarn) I even got the urge to paint (see Horse below).

Here's my first ATC:

Sorry my picture is not that clear. I will experiment on better capturing techniques.

Here's my card for Mara:

Water color for my Sarah.


Summer is dwindling

Finished swim lessons! Yeah! I think deep down I was afraid Paige was going to poop in the big college pool. I'm so glad we escaped that one!!! Sarah learned to dive off the diving board.

Went to the park yesterday.

Finished a baby hat for Stitches.

I am going away for the weekend BY MYSELF!! I will be going to the Fiber Fest in Santa Monica first then spending the night at a hotel! I won't know what to do with all that quiet! Maybe this will recharge my batteries...


Finished objects

I haven't posted any finished objects lately so here are some things I was working on.

Sarah's back-to-school lacey shrug jacket. Made form Bernat Coordinates (a baby yarn) in white with a K hook. Compliments of Mrs. Who's schematics at Crochetville.

Front view

Back view

Also, I made my version of a Pottery Barn-esque artwork for Paige's room. I painted the walls this pretty periwinkle blue. Found the white shelf at Target for under $10. Painted the letters from Michael's white and glued little wooden ladybugs on. Cost of paint and materials under $6. Added some ribbon and hung with decorative thumbtacks (around $4) Finished product I am impressed with myself. Pottery Barn wants anywhere from $10-$12 per letter.


Lipstick and other disasters...

We got a new computer! Our old computer literally bit the dust and died a hideous death. I'm upset though because I think I am going to lose all the music on my Ipod. They make it so very hard! You'd think that I bought the songs I should be able to do whatever I want! Not so.... Thanks Steve!

With a new computer, one must accept the fact that hours of time will be "wasted" playing with new computer and discovering all the nifty things it can do. New computer purchases should come with a nanny built in to keep an eye on busy toddlers so that new owner can play with new computer.

Case in point, I am playing with new computer. Hubby is playing with his new subscription to Xbox Live (which he got for his birthday and may lead to a large marriage upheaval). A certain toddler decides to investigate mommy's purse and extract dark brick colored lipstick. She then proceeds to hide in master bedroom and "decorate" the carpet using THE ENTIRE TUBE!!! Oblivious mommy and daddy don't even discover new decorations until toddler is "washing" her hands.

You would have thought we learned our lesson last Fall when same toddler found a jar of red food coloring and hid under the dining room table. We thought she had cut her finger off or something she was so bright red.

I guess new carpeting will be our biggest expenditure whenever our lease runs out. They make you give an extra deposit for a pet. They SHOULD make you give an extra deposit for kidlings except that's unconstitutional or something minor like that...

I guess new computer playtime must end.... must now research lipstick removing instructions.


More markers

After such a horrensdous afternoon, I was happy to come home and find a surprise from another Marker Mania buddy. CJ sent me a terrific care package with beautiful beaded markers and a guardian angel marker. She also included a sheep bookmark and some yummy baby lollipops (which the kidlings quickly devoured). Thank you much CJ! You really saved the day!

I have rearranged my galleries a little in the sidebar. Hopefully, they make sense.

John's brother, Matt, is the gorgeous model in my next photo. I made him a blanket for him to take to the dorm when he goes to Cal Poly in a month! Happy HS graduation! (a little late...)

Will finish with this photo from Sea World (where we escaped the heat to yesterday), Paige's favorite part as she describes it

" Shampooooo! "


You would think that the older I get the less what people thought of me would bother me. For the most part I really don't give a (you-know-what because I'm watching my cursing). But I do find it important that people (even strangers) think I am a good mother. Not a great, fantastic, super-mom kind of mother but a good one.

I met Tammy and her kidlings at a local park (which will have to remain anonymous unless someone who was there today is reading this). We had a yummy picnic of sandwiches and oatmeal raisin cookies. This park is special because it has a "little-kid" area that is enclosed and a "big-kid" area that has more daring playground equipment. It also has a public wading pool for kidlings 7 and under. We decided to let the "big kids" play at the "big kid" park while we watched Maddie and Paige in the wading pool.

Maddie did not really go in because she was feeling a little overwhelmed I think by all the other kidlings paddling around. Paige, of course, jumped right in and was soaked in a matter of seconds. Paige was constantly moving and jumping and pretending to be a lobster. Right near where I was sitting some girls started shrieking, "EEEEEWWWW! There's a piece of poo!" I was alarmed because I did not want my little one to get sick. So I tell her it's time to get out. The girls who shrieked ran off to get the manager and I struggled to get Paige out. She thought this was a game and started running away from me through the water. More moms had gathered around to collect their various kidlings and wanted to know what happened, etc. The manager then comes out, stares at the offending (very small) piece of material and yells "EVERYONE OUT!!!!". It was pretty much straight out of Caddyshack except this was a wading pool with toddlers and upset mothers. Paige stood in the middle of the pool refusing to come out. If you haven't guessed by now, Paige was the culprit of the horribly awful, very disgusting,what kind of mom lets their kid poop in the pool, pooper.

Now that the pool was empty (except for Paige), it was strangly quiet. I was now on stage (via pool) to retrieve my little stinker, remove Her Smelliness from the area, and receive many not so nice glares as I gather my screaming child in my arms and try to hurry out of there (I am now soaking wet also). You see, it has been in the high 80's - mid 90's with high humidity. Any mother with young kidlings knows the power water play has on a hot day.

I think they are going to charge me with a crime for being the one responsible for the pool closure. Or they might just throw their soiled diapers at us. So much for keeping up the good mother image...


Marked again!

This blue beauties came from Suzie in SF! Thank you so much Suzie! I love them!

We celebrated my honey's 36th birthday yesterday by baking him a cake. Mike decorated it! Yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting and M&M's. Yum! The we went out to dinner at El Torito. Going out to dinner with kidlings is always such an adventure. Paige decided to to serenade us along with everyone else in the restaurant. I feel sorry for the busboy after we left. I looked down and there was rice EVERYWHERE! Mas margaritas, por favor!