Am I wierd?

This morning when I woke I had no idea so many interesting events would occur.

Few of my family members (including myself) are early risers so today was a little tough because the kitten, Daisy, was due to be dropped off at the vet to be spayed (or neutered, I never remember boy or girl terms) and we had to get her there by 9 am. Anyway, I went out into the garage to get her carrier and Dakota, the dog, was making some crazy noises and beckoning towards the garage fridge. I look up (half asleep, I mind you) and I see a little rodent face peeking out between the garage ceiling and wall. I couldn't believe what I was seeing since a wildly acting dog SHOULD scare any kind of small creature away. The rodent (whom I have named Scary) peeks at me at least three more times. I feel like maybe we are playing "Chicken". THEN, as if in a final challenge, Scary decides to come out of its hiding place just to show me how big of a rat he/she is. Scary walked calmy along one rafter, hoped down onto a pipe and starting traversing over the pipe that runs over our laundry area, very close to where I was standing. I don't know where Scary went next because I ran hysterically out of the garage convinced I was being attacked by a monster rat at 8 am. Dakota was useless BTW.

My husband has convinced me he will take care of Scary, but I am striking against doing laundry until such problem is finally resolved.

After we dropped off little Daisy (who gave me some very nasty kitty looks as they took her away), I decided I was in need of caffeine. I headed back to Starbucks prepared for a substantial wait through the drive-thru. I pulled up at 8:30 on an overcast morning and THERE WERE NO CARS! I was the only one in line! It was a little unnerving since that had NEVER happened before to me in the four years it has been in our neighborhood.

John decided to take a break today (since he has worked so many doubles) and took the kidlings to run errands. Ah, freedom!! What do I do? I go to the post office, drug store, fun things like that! It is nice to do errands sans kidlings sometimes. I can let my mind wander.

I did stop at a big Joann's because I had a coupon and again, no kids. I was in the way back checking out cotton yarn and this cute young girl comes out of the ladies room with a very sad face. She walks by me yelling," Mom, there's a FROG in the bathroom!" I peek my head into the bathroom since I am standing right there and sure enough there is a creature, but not a frog. It was a little lizard with it's tail missing (I can understand the frog confusion). The employees were not exactly thrilled to have this creature so they gladly gave me a box to take it away. I went and got a Creature Carrier and decided maybe we could observe him for a couple days before letting him go. Not your typical fabric store find!

I learned from the internet, he is a Western Fence Lizard. Very common. Sorry my picture is so bad but he has the coolest blue waddle thingy under his head.

Here is what I got at Joann's. Cool new colors of Lily cotton. plus a lizard named "The Lizard"

Am I wierd that I want to kill a rat, fix a cat and save a lizard all on the same day?

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ladylinoleum said...

No, you're just hoooo-man. LOL