More color fun

babette 001
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I can't believe how far I have been able to stretch one "trash bag" full of scrap yarn. I knew there was a lot of it, but it just keeps going. :) This afghan still needs an edging put on it but Paige has laid claim to this one since Sarah got the Kaleidescope Afghan. I'd be surprised if Mike wants anything so colorful, but at this point who knows!! Click on photo for pattern and yarn info.


Dawn said...

hey steph!

wow, you make some fab blankets my dear!

would love for you to join the ripple-along. pop me your email address and i'll have blogger send along an invite.

kyogadawn AT visi DOT com

andi said...

Love it! Very colorful.

Ellen Bloom said...

Your scrap Babette is gorgeous. Nice work!