Favorites on Flickr

I have been seeing so many beautiful photos on Flickr recently. Mosaic created from bighugelabs website. Just click on the title to get more information. I think I may have to do this on a regular basis...

1. Poppy Quilt Fini, 2. Gel Pens 1, 3. Map Quest, 4. Revealing Decision, 5. Spiral 2, 6. Flow, 7. FAF page, 8. felt bead necklaces, 9. LED Light Painting, 10. Negro Gato, 11. Croissant beads, 12. hearts, 13. My guitar, 14. Bokeh with the Blues, 15. Untitled, 16. My creation

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Xavi said...

I am glad that you like "my" cat.