Not the world's fastest but...

Maybe the fastest in the LBC??

I went to my local Michael's for their "Yarn Event" Mainly I wanted to help in the joining party for the squares they had collected for Warm Up America. Michael's had lots of things going on related to yarn including raffles and prizes and a kid table.

They had a contest for the fastest knitters and crocheters. I signed up not thinking much of it. As I was joining squares, the other ladies confided they had signed up for the contest as well.

We got to borrow a hook and they gave us some yarn to use. You had to chain 23 and work as many rows of double crochet in 3 minutes as you could. Surprise! I won! I made 62 dc's in the timne allowed. Here is my cool prize:

I continued on the blanket I started until I had this:

I crocheted the squares together using a single crochet and chain one stitch. This seemed to go much faster than the gals who used a yarn needle and weaved them together. The event was over before I could weave my ends in so it looks like someone else will have to do that.

Maybe I should practice and take on Lily Chin?? Just kidding....

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Jewels said...

wow - congrats!! I'll have to time myself one of these days.