Fun in the snow

Driving to Big Bear, along with most of the population of Southern California, we were skeptical that we would see any snow. The traffic was horrendous and we thought of turning back more than once. But three little voices were pleading from the back seat to continue because some of them had never even seen snow before!

There was a lot to see and it always amazes me that we live in an area where theorectically you could wake up and ski in the morning and then drive for maybe 2 hours tops and be surfing before sundown..

I finished the hats.. Good thing we found a patch of snow!

I have been asked to make a hand-knitted item for donation for our local Symphony auction. I made a baby layette last year and I'm not sure how well it did. I have an idea of what I want to make this year but need to ponder on it a bit..

Speaking of the Symphony, we fell into some tickets for a magnificent perfomance last Saturday night. John, Mike and I attended. There was the most beautiful violin solo. I know very little about classical music other than I enjoy it very much! It's like listening to a painting...

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Vik said...

Beautiful hats for your lovely princesses!!!