Mitered squares

Last weekend was really busy. I had not been able to attend knitting guild meetings while Paige was small, so I let my membership lapse. It just worked out last weekend that I got to go to the first meeting for 2006. My mom paid my membership dues (thanks Mom!) and it was really fun!

One of the best things about joining a knitting guild is that I have learned more interesting things there than in any book I have read about knitting. Having the hands on experience with the members (including some that have been knitting for 50+ years), I have gotten more tips, help and advice than I can count. I'm glad to be reenergized.

The class on Saturday was on mitered squares. These have always intimidated me because they look so complicated and I didn't know how to pick up the stitches. Mitered squares are the best! I am hooked!

Word to new knitters out there: Join a local knitting guild, the info is priceless!

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Vik said...

I love knitting!!!
Keep on going Steph!