More markers

After such a horrensdous afternoon, I was happy to come home and find a surprise from another Marker Mania buddy. CJ sent me a terrific care package with beautiful beaded markers and a guardian angel marker. She also included a sheep bookmark and some yummy baby lollipops (which the kidlings quickly devoured). Thank you much CJ! You really saved the day!

I have rearranged my galleries a little in the sidebar. Hopefully, they make sense.

John's brother, Matt, is the gorgeous model in my next photo. I made him a blanket for him to take to the dorm when he goes to Cal Poly in a month! Happy HS graduation! (a little late...)

Will finish with this photo from Sea World (where we escaped the heat to yesterday), Paige's favorite part as she describes it

" Shampooooo! "


CjSachiko said...

I'm glad you like the markers. BTW is that Cal Poly SLO?

CjSachiko said...

Erg...I published the comment too soon. I went to Cal Poly SLO and I loved it there. =)