Lipstick and other disasters...

We got a new computer! Our old computer literally bit the dust and died a hideous death. I'm upset though because I think I am going to lose all the music on my Ipod. They make it so very hard! You'd think that I bought the songs I should be able to do whatever I want! Not so.... Thanks Steve!

With a new computer, one must accept the fact that hours of time will be "wasted" playing with new computer and discovering all the nifty things it can do. New computer purchases should come with a nanny built in to keep an eye on busy toddlers so that new owner can play with new computer.

Case in point, I am playing with new computer. Hubby is playing with his new subscription to Xbox Live (which he got for his birthday and may lead to a large marriage upheaval). A certain toddler decides to investigate mommy's purse and extract dark brick colored lipstick. She then proceeds to hide in master bedroom and "decorate" the carpet using THE ENTIRE TUBE!!! Oblivious mommy and daddy don't even discover new decorations until toddler is "washing" her hands.

You would have thought we learned our lesson last Fall when same toddler found a jar of red food coloring and hid under the dining room table. We thought she had cut her finger off or something she was so bright red.

I guess new carpeting will be our biggest expenditure whenever our lease runs out. They make you give an extra deposit for a pet. They SHOULD make you give an extra deposit for kidlings except that's unconstitutional or something minor like that...

I guess new computer playtime must end.... must now research lipstick removing instructions.

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