Yarn Store field trip - Liscat

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I have been awaiting the arrival of the newest yarn store in my area, Liscat over in Lakewood Village shopping area. Catrina is the owner and she is very nice and down to earth. Her new space is amazing! So colorful and energizing! It was kind of torture to only be able to visit for 30 minutes. I can't wait to see what classes and meet-ups will happen there. I think my resolution to not buy any yarn this year is going to crumble... Here's some more pics in case you want to venture in.

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Day 24/366



Ellen Bloom said...

Oooooo...your photos are fabulous! This makes me want to take a trip to our area's first planned community...Lakewood! I just LOVE those chairback covers...great way to use up all that annoying eyelash yarn!

Anonymous said...

Neat pics!

Stephanie said...

Ooooh, must check it out! Where is Lakewood Village in relation to their old location in Parkwood Village?