Some finished projects

I made this necklace using the pattern in the newest issue of Creative Crochet magazine. 26 gauge wire and various glass beads. I donated this as a raffle prize for the Stitches from the Heart sale this weekend benefitting Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Research.

Baby blanket made from Bernat's Baby Coordinates in Pale Yellow. Unfortunately, I cannot find the pattern book so I can't tell you where it came from but it makes the most interesting pattern. Lots of braided loops and spirals.

Close-up of loops and spirals.


Tandi said...

Wow, you do amazing work. I love that necklace! I really want to try crochet with wire. It is beautiful with those beads.
And the baby blanket is amazing!

ladylinoleum said...

Nice stuff! The necklace is totally faboo.

Lulu said...

wow, thats a beautiful blankie