Acres of Books

My digital camera died on Halloween night (appropriate, huh?) and should now go to digital camera heaven. I am so bummed because I did not get any good kidling costume pictures.

I have been making baby hats for Stitches because they are such a good stress relief. Crocheted and knitted. There are lots of good patterns at Crochet Pattern Central and Knitting Pattern Central.

Yesterday, John and I took Paige to Acres of Books, (an old used book store in downtown Long Beach) It really is Acres of Books, to the point where you feel really claustrophobic and hope there is not an earthquake (which is always a good possibility when you are in an inappropriate place in California). It's this old warehouse filled sky-high with old books and divided into sections. I headed to the craft section and children's books. Some of the book were so old, they were falling apart. We could have spent hours there but something about the close quarters and the dust smell made Paige crazy! She ran up and down the aisles yelling very loud. She enjoyed looking at some of the kid books but she totally disorganized that section by taking books and putting them in other random sections. I have no idea how one would find anything in that store anyway, but Paige made it much harder for the next person to find what they were looking for. I don't recommend taking a 2 year old toddler to an antique book store. Unless of course, you bring some Halloween candy in your purse.. and bribe her out of the store with it.

Best part of going to downtown if you are 2 going on 3:

Seeing trains (the Blue Line) and blimps (used car lot advertising) and ambulances (local hospital) all on the same road.

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