Some knitting??

Can you believe it? A knitting blog with some knitting on it!

I am feeling a lot better as of yesterday. In addition to all my medications/painkillers, my mom suggested adding iron to help my dizziness thinking that maybe I was anemic. It took 2 days but has made a heck of a difference. I think the previous 2 weeks might have been the longest of my life. My youngest is definitely so out of sorts that it is going to take me weeks to get her back with the program (Using the potty, having some manners, not giving everyone evil looks and shrieks, etc). At least she's young enough that hopefully she won't remember any of this..

I started a sweater for Paige now that the weather is cooling off the tiniest bit. It is a light weight baby yarn I have had in my stash for at least (uuum I'm embarassed to say) 6 years...

Crocheting requires me to lift my arms too much and since the doc said that was a no-no, that's out for a while. Knitting can be done with the smallest amount of arm/shoulder/chest movement. Feeling very grateful that I can do both..

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