Happy Leap Day!

Day 10/366
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Dakota leaps for Leap Day


Haekelbeutel Purse

Day 8/366 haekelbeutel
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Another FO

Done for a crochet along on Ravelry. Needs to be blocked and lined. Used misc. Noro Kureyon with no labels so don't know the shades.


Day 7/366

Day 7/366
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I have an exam on this material TONIGHT!!! I cannot believe how complicated the human body is. Amazing! But so complicated that I think my head is going to explode.

Plus Paige keeps coming up to me and asking/saying various things, "Mommy, can I go outside and play? Mommy, can I have a cookie? Mommy, Dakota is throwing up on the grass. Mommy, will you please untie this knot? Mommy, I want paint my fingernails. Mommy, how does God make the clouds? Mommy, um, Mommy, umm, .... never mind, I forgot"


Getting Ready for Camp Hi Hill

Another FO:

Sarah's hat to keep her cute ears warm.


Race on the Base

Day 4/366
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Ok, I definitely am not good at self portraits but I was so happy about going on this walk that I had to record it. My buddies, Betty and Theresa were a great support team. The Race on the Base was cool because we walked all over the Joint Forces Training Base - Los Alamitos flight runways. There were military vehicles along the course and of course, music to keep you motivated. There was also a 10K and 5K run, a 1K kid run, an in-line skate race and a wheelchair race. We raised money for the Cancer Foundation.

I walked the 5K with a new personal best: 15.4 min./mile!


Thinking of ideas

Day 3/366
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My mom gave me some yarn for a project idea I have lurking in the back of my mind. Technically, I did not buy it so I have not broken my resolution! I do need to give her something in trade though.. :)



I have been wanting to visit my mom's knitting guild for some time, El Segundo Slipt Stitchers. Well, yesterday, I actually got to go to a meeting and I joined the Guild! It is filled with lots of different members and their projects and ideas are so inspiring! They were all very nice and welcoming! Hopefully, next month I will get to go the workshop by Joyce Renee Wyatt

After the meeting, we visited the South Bay Quilter's Guild Show. There were some amazing pieces of work.

Looking for color ideas, here are some of my favorites


Turning 5

It seems like we celebrated Paige's birthday over the entire weekend. Mom is pooped! :)

Some highlights:

Wacky Bear (like Build-a-Bear)


American Girl Place


Ellis Island Shawl

ellisshawl 002
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You cannot beat crochet for quickness. Maybe because that is what I learned first (when I was little girl) Who knows?

Sarah needed a shawl for a school project. All the students dress up like they are immigrants coming through Ellis Island. Then teachers and parents set up stations for them to be "checked in". Of course, this shawl is probably not "steerage immigrant" enough but with a fabric draped over her head, it will work.

Used up more yarn from my stash! I have not bought any yarn yet this year! Yeah! I kept my New Year's resolution at least until February! :)


Warm and Cozy

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Finished a stash busting afghan for John. Used up a lot of my Lion brand Homespun. Since it is all in single crochet , this blanket will keep us very warm! :)

Pattern can be found on Lion Brand Website here: Three-Panel Afghan