Ellis Island Shawl

ellisshawl 002
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You cannot beat crochet for quickness. Maybe because that is what I learned first (when I was little girl) Who knows?

Sarah needed a shawl for a school project. All the students dress up like they are immigrants coming through Ellis Island. Then teachers and parents set up stations for them to be "checked in". Of course, this shawl is probably not "steerage immigrant" enough but with a fabric draped over her head, it will work.

Used up more yarn from my stash! I have not bought any yarn yet this year! Yeah! I kept my New Year's resolution at least until February! :)

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KimT said...

way to stash bust. I totally agree with you re the quickness of crochet. I learned to knit first, but secretly like crochet better because its quicker. Great shawl!

Great meeting you today at the knitting guild meeting!