Color experiment progress

Day 88/366
I was very inspired by another design by Woolly Thoughts called Double Vision. The object is to take 10 different colored yarn and using two strands see how many color combinations you can create. The original design has black borders around each square and I eliminated that. I made strips instead of squares. Also, I only made about ten rows of each "color" because I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn. I am intriqued by some of their other designs regarding mathematical knitting. My hubby told me this is his favorite thing I have ever made with yarn. I said "Ever?" He said "EVER".

I think this still needs a border... Any suggestions?


Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! FANTASTIC! I love this blanket. I suppose MATH can be cool.

Hmmm? For a border, I'd just choose one of the solid colors...blue, red....whatever you have most of.

Anonymous said...


I love it, too. I'm thinking maybe you should have it framed without any border.


owl knits said...

Your mother sent me over from Ravelry. I love what you've done! I just attended a workshop in CT given by Pat and Steve. It was inspiring, as is your project!