Camp Fire Candy

Although I haven't talked about it in this blog, Camp Fire USA has been a part of my family for quite some time. I was a Camp Fire girl for several years (a bluebird, too) and Sarah has been in Camp Fire for the last 4 years. Paige will start next year when she is in kindergarten. I am the Co-Leader for Sarah's group because I believe that Camp Fire is important for today's children. Without getting too mushy, I feel attached to this organization because of the values it represents. In the last 4 years, Sarah and I have camped together many times, gone hiking, made crafts, walked in numerous parades, sang songs, but the two major things I love about Camp Fire the most is the environmental education and community service. We have cleaned up beaches and parks and campsites. We studied the stars and went to a planetarium. We started a compost bin in our backyard and learned what will recycle and what will not. How often do kids get to make fires and use hachets and whittle with pocketknifes? Most kids today do not even know how to light a match... Why should they when they have a fancy lighter/candle starter thingie? We have crafted blankets and pillows for homeless children. We have collected hygiene products for the women's shelter. We have sung songs and played games with patients in a nursing home. We have made valentines and personally delivered them to the local VA hospital patients. Sarah is learning how to be a volunteer. When she is an adult, her community will need people like her.

I have seen Sarah mature and grow confident in her skills. Her progression towards adulthood and womanhood will include the belief that she is capable of taking care of herself. Maybe I am more of a feminist than I am willing to announce but girls need to know that they can do it themselves and should not rely on someone else to take care of them.

Now that I have gotten off my soapbox, I will announce that the ONLY fundraiser that she does for this organization is to sell candy. Lots and lots of candy. Now, you may be thinking, this is a horrible time of year to try and sell candy especially since most people resolve to lose weight and become more healthy. That is all in good and I would never want to sway someone to breach healthful living.

The candy is only $5 per box and makes a great gift. Friends, family, neighbors, clients, customers, and employees always like a little pick me up. Where else can you get a Valentine's Day gift so affordably? There are 4 choices: Almond Roca (the original), Mint Patties, Almond Caramel Clusters and P'nuttles (toffee peanuts).

For those who still do not want candy but wish to support the organization, you can buy a box of candy and our Council is arranging for donated boxes of candy to be delivered to Marines returning from Iraq at Camp Pendleton just South of here. So by donating just $5, you are helping two causes: lifting the spirits and showing appreciation to our troops and helping a young girl reach her goals as well as building confidence.

Even if you don't buy candy from Sarah, I hope that you will pause whenever you see a Camp Fire girl or boy or even a Girl Scout or Boy Scout selling in front of a store and help contribute to their goals by buying whatever they are selling.

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