I (heart) Autumn!

I always have. The colors, the weather, going back to school, sweaters (I am a fiber junkie, you know). My house is even decorated in Fall colors so I can have Autumn all year round. Here are some of our latest happenings:

The pumpkin patch: (Another way for someone to make lots of money off the trappings of parenthood, but as the commercial says "Priceless memories")

I think Paige's favorite part was seeing how many pumpkins she could put in our friend's wagon. We ended up buying three pumpkins but putting around 15 back. She's a strong toddler.

No, her favorite part must have been this: (Don't forget she's only 3 1/2)

Halloween: We now have a child old enough to want to be something scary and evil. We had been able to avoid it up until this year

Fire station: Although very brave and outgoing about most everything else, Paige has a tremendous fear of sirens. We live near a busy street so any time a fire engine roars down the street, fear, panic and tears arupt from my youngest. So on the advice of my child development class, I packed her up, bought a dozen donuts as a gift and headed to my local station. I have to say the firefighters were extremely nice and warm to us. Lucky for me, there was a female firefighter (also a mom) on duty and she just scooped Paige up and let her check out the truck. The firefighters thanked Paige for the donuts and said "Next time you hear the siren, remember to wave at us!" Of course, there have been no sirens to try our theory on yet but it will come soon....

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Kelli said...

Paige looks so small on that very BIG slide - and that pink pumpkin is too cool.