My fingers are itching. School started for me back on August 22, and I barely have time to knit. I'm taking Women's Health, Medical Terminology and Intro to Organic Chemistry. Paige's preschool also counts as a class because even though I work in her class once a week, we also attend a parenting/child development lecture. I'm a little worried that because even after 3 children, I know there will still be parenting stuff I haven't learned. :) It will be like "Aha, I should have done THAT! Then maybe I would still have some brain cells..."

Obligatory first day of school pictures. Don't they look excited!

In my sideline profession of animal rescuer, this little dove made an appearance on my doorstep yesterday. The bird seemed okay for the most part but let us get incredibly close to it and it wouldn't fly away. We scooped it up and took it the the local vet that takes "wildlife". Just another day in our crazy household. Now I just need the Dog Whisperer to come to my house and explain why our dog keeps jumping over a 5 foot fence and running away any time we leave the house. (Remember, she is 5 years old and was a perfectly sane dog up until this point.) I guess our human craziness is contagious to canines.

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