Busy in the heat

It has warmed up considerably. Definitely no "June Gloom" this year. Last week was incredibly busy.

Sarah's Dance recital. She had 2 and 1/2 costume changes this year. Quite an accomplishment!

Mike's 5th Grade "Graduation/Promotion" ceremony. "Hurray!, you finished elementary school. Hope you liked it because now everything else is going to be really hard." I am so optimistic. Please ignore the fact that I seem to wear the same shirt in every picture of me lately. It's been so hot, I don't really care.

Here's some of my crochet buddies. My mom needed some pics for her charity director so now you can see where we meet.

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Lulu said...

lovely pics!
no june gloom down here either, its been so hot lately, i just cant crochet..