Paper Flowers

The kidlings and I had fun making these flowers for my mom to take with her when she volunteers at a local nursing home. Since Paige is going along for the visit so I can recuperate, I thought it would be fun for Paige to have something to pass out. Instructions for the flowers can be found here.


Squares for Survivors

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this great lady and what she is doing...

Squares for Survivors

I have sent some squares and you can too!


Out of commission

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be having surgery tomorrow. It is not too major but I will be out of commission for about 2 weeks. I will probably not be able to respond to email or posts but hope to be back crocheting and knitting and painting just as quickly as I can...



I was thrilled to find out one of my Artist Trading Cards was picked to be displayed on the homepage of one of my favorite groups. You can see it at:

All Art Trade


Dakota as art

Wanted to share my latest cards for a swap.

I love my dog.

Purple purse

I wanted some instant gratification so I crocheted this cute little purse from Marvelous Mini tote by Deneen then I felted it. I used 100% Peruvian Highland Wool from elann. I added a little texture thread in there but you can barely see it. The hook shown in both pictures is a size K.



Hi to all my new friends from the crochet blog webring!


something random

From my front yard garden. Now that Scary the rat is gone, I have a new terror, I mean, um, friend. Meet my friend Hoppy.


Down under

Received these exquisite ATC's from Llewena Newell in Australia. Her postage stamp even had a koala on it and Sarah and I ooh and aahed over it as well. Thank you so much for the trade, Llewena!


Last day of summer.. for us..

Even though I hate it when ANY picture is taken of me, I feel I'm taking a huge step in my self-confidence by actually posting a picture of me with my family. It's part of an inner strength, come to grips with your weight demons, therapy kind of thing...

We finished the summer on a high note by going to Disneyland today. I'm in the back with Mike, John is in the middle with Sarah, and my mom is in the front with Paige.

I wonder who my idol was when I was two and a half? I think it's cool that Paige got to meet hers in person.... (Ariel from The Little Mermaid) We know all the words in this movie by heart. Someone little also likes to send the songs at the top of her lungs!

We listened to some awesome music in Disney's New Orleans Square and thought of all the victims of the hurricane.

School starts tomorrow!!! YEAH!!!!! I am doing a little happy dance right now...


More back-to-school stuff..

I made this beanie for Mike as part of the Back-to-School KAL and CAL. Ten year olds make such lovely and obliging models...


I finished my first felted bag. It's my version of the Scallops and Beads bag from Knit One, Felt Too. I used different yarns then asked for so the final result looks much different then the book but I am happy with it. I used Lion Brand Landscapes for body and some wool embroidery thread doubled up for the brim. The handle is an i-cord made from Landscapes. I wish I had taken a before picture. It took two hot cycles in the washing machine to get it to the right size.

Here's some shots from our trip to the Orange County Zoo.

A bear wandered right by us before he picked up his watermelon slice and took it back to his liar.

Kids in front of the train. (Tammy's kidlings and mine plus one friend)