Last day of summer.. for us..

Even though I hate it when ANY picture is taken of me, I feel I'm taking a huge step in my self-confidence by actually posting a picture of me with my family. It's part of an inner strength, come to grips with your weight demons, therapy kind of thing...

We finished the summer on a high note by going to Disneyland today. I'm in the back with Mike, John is in the middle with Sarah, and my mom is in the front with Paige.

I wonder who my idol was when I was two and a half? I think it's cool that Paige got to meet hers in person.... (Ariel from The Little Mermaid) We know all the words in this movie by heart. Someone little also likes to send the songs at the top of her lungs!

We listened to some awesome music in Disney's New Orleans Square and thought of all the victims of the hurricane.

School starts tomorrow!!! YEAH!!!!! I am doing a little happy dance right now...

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Karla said...

Great to SEE you! It'a always nice to put a face to a name (or blog). And though I understand what you're saying, please understand that we are who we are. We are not our "weight"! Again, it is GREAT to see you! :)