Girl power

This is right before Paige scored her first goal! She's at the top of this pic. I like how she's "floating" in the air...


More projects

I made this banner for Paige's soccer team. Next time I think I will order the funky airbrush kind...

My first Art assignment of the semester. Contour line drawing of a still life with at least three objects. Not a very good photo, but I think you get the idea (I hope) Tell me if you can identify what I drew :) Click on photo for a larger view.


bright domino 003

bright domino 003
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Finished a domino knitting blanket (also known as mitered square knitting) for Stitches from the Heart. The colors are brighter than what the camera captured and should make some little one fell happr and cheerful. Edged with garter stitch and trimmed with reverse single crochet. Click on photo for Yarn details in description.