Preemie blanket I made for Stitches. I posted these picture especially for my new friends at Crochetville.

Close-up picture of the Mile a minute blanket I made this blanket from my stash and cannot remember what type of sport weight yarn. Some acrylic, maybe Caron

Baby blanket I have been working on to for a friend. This was a Mile a minute pattern that was a little more challenging. As you can see, still a work in progress because I hate to weave in ends.


John and Paige in the backyard. Official soccer training has begun!


Happy Father's Day!

Well.. I'm letting my honey sleep in as part of his Father's Day present. If money were no object, I'd be flying him to his dream vacation.. attending a Manchester United game at Old Tratford stadium. Of course, I don't know if he would be well received right now being American and all... maybe he could practice an accent.

I am missing my oldest child, Michael, tremendously ever since he went to go visit his granddad up in Northern Cali. He only left yesterday but it is his first time away from us for a extended period. He even got to fly ALONE! It freaked him out a little when they did a complete search on him at the airport (shoes and all) but he seems to be enjoying his adventure. We will be making the trek up there with the girls in a week or so. Ten hours in the car with a energetic 2 and 7 year old. Yeah! (Just a little sarcasm) Maybe I can get some projects finished......

An oldie but goodie:

" Any moron can become a father, but it takes a man to be a Daddy! "


Work in progress Tank top for youngest daughter Paige made from Lily Sugar N Cream Cotton yarn. Pattern called Kidlet Tank from Knitting Patterns Central Not a very good yarn substitute for size 6 needles but it is working up quickly and she will probably get to wear it this summer.

My daughter Sarah wearing finished tank top. Made from Classic Elite Flash in Chinese Red. Pattern from FCEK Spring 2001.


Me with the kidlings circa Mar 2003 Posted by Hello